New Volt X

Powered by E-Motion™ Powertrain Technology
Ride at 25 MPH


The Ultimate Leisure Boating Experience

Style, Sustainability & Innovation

Optimized for Electric Propulsion

At Vision, we’re dedicated to perfecting electric boating. Our boats are meticulously designed, pairing the most efficient hulls with cutting-edge propulsion systems and battery banks, ensuring you enjoy maximum range and a seamless user experience. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, with our electric boats undergoing rigorous testing, far surpassing industry standards. Operating rental operations in the demanding environments of Newport, California, and Florida, our vessels are tested under intense, real-world conditions, guaranteeing their durability and reliability. From hulls to interiors, propulsion to battery banks, our electric boats are primed and proven for ownership.

True Pioneers of Electric Boating

With over 25 years of experience, Vision Electric Boat, a division of Vision Marine Technologies (NASDAQ: VMAR), stands as a testament to our enduring legacy in electric boating. Originating from Quebec, Canada, our journey began in 1997, long before the recent surge in electric vehicles. We’ve remained at the forefront, championing sustainable waterway practices and electric boating. Our pioneering spirit ensures future generations can fully enjoy the wonders of boating, reflecting our deep-rooted passion for this leisure activity.

Sustainability in Style

Vision Marine’s electric boats blend sustainability with style. Inspired by classic boat designs such as the fantail, sleek European aesthetics like the Volt, and the comfort and leisure of pontoon models like the Tritoon WX and WR, our boats offer a unique blend of elegance and environmental consciousness. Each model embodies our commitment to sustainable boating, providing a modern, eco-friendly way to enjoy the water in style. Our Duffy-style boats, reminiscent of the renowned Duffy brand, offer the same level of comfort and elegance, perfect for those seeking a similar experience.

What is an Electric Boat?

An electric boat is powered by an electric powertrain system. Whether the propulsion system is inside the hull (inboard) or sticking out at the back (outboard), they function similarly. A bank of batteries provides power to the electric motor, which turns the propeller.

What makes Vision Electric Boats special?

Vision Electric Boats are designed and optimized for efficiency. Unlike well-known Duffy Boats, which are more traditional, our boats feature optimized hulls and propulsion systems for increased range and efficiency. They have been rigorously tested in rental settings in California and Florida, with over 30,000 bookings and 100,000 happy customers. This extensive experience ensures that our boats are durable and reliable, even in demanding rental environments.

Why would someone choose an electric boat?

Electric boats offer a unique experience, allowing you to enjoy boating quietly and peacefully. Cruising at around 6 mph, you can take your time to appreciate the scenery, enjoy food and drinks onboard, and relax. Electric boats are perfect for exploring lakes, rivers, and inland bodies of water without disturbing the environment or wildlife.

What’s the greatest advantage of electric boats?

The greatest advantage of electric boats is their low maintenance requirements. Unlike gas-powered boats, electric boats are maintenance-free, saving you time and money. Electric motors are also more reliable than gas engines, providing a hassle-free boating experience. Cruising silently with friends, feeling the breeze, and soaking up the sun is the ultimate boating experience.

What can’t you do with an electric boat?

The main limitation of electric boats is speed, typically limited to 6 mph on most models. However, this speed is sufficient for most inland rivers and bodies of water. While our boats are capable of handling larger waves, they are not designed for high-speed or rough-water use. If you're looking for speed, check out our 180E E-Motion™ page.

What do you need to charge your electric boat?

Charging your Vision Electric Boat is simple. All our boats come equipped with inboard chargers that can be connected to a regular 120v extension cord. Charging is as easy as plugging in an extension cord.

Are electric boats secure?

Yes, electric boats are safe for passengers both inside and outside the boat. You can enjoy your boat ride without worrying about the safety of the propulsion system.

What’s the greatest benefit of electric boats?

The greatest benefit of electric boats is their environmental impact. By using electric propulsion, you can enjoy boating while minimizing your impact on marine life and the environment. Electric boats offer a sustainable way to enjoy the water, ensuring that future generations can experience the same joys of boating.

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