Except for any legal warranty and as provided in this Agreement, the MERCHANT provides no other warranty regarding the quality or performance of the Delivered Products to the BUYER or any other person. The liability of the MERCHANT is limited to the price paid by the BUYER for the Delivered Products and excludes any loss of profit or indirect damages of any kind. Unless the BUYER is a resident of the province of Québec, neither the MERCHANT nor anyone on the MERCHANT’S behalf has made or makes any express or implied representation, warranty, or condition, including but not limited to warranties or conditions of: (i) merchantability; (ii) quality; (iii) fitness for a particular purpose; (iv) title; or (v) non-infringement. All such warranties and conditions are expressly disclaimed. The BUYER acknowledges that they have not relied on any representation, warranty, or condition made by the MERCHANT or anyone else on the MERCHANT’S behalf.
The warranty provided in this Article 6 is valid only if the Delivered Products were purchased from the MERCHANT. Any warranty provided in this agreement is non-transferable and may only be claimed by the BUYER.
All boats are guaranteed by the MERCHANT for one (1) year against manufacturing defects, including component parts and labor. This warranty includes, at the MERCHANT’s sole discretion, replacement of the defective product (in whole or in part) or monetary compensation. Additionally, the MERCHANT will pass through to the BUYER any manufacturer’s warranty on parts of the Delivered Products, subject to the following limitations:
1) Five (5) years warranty on the hull (excluding labor after one (1) year), applicable to recreational usage only, regardless of the model.
2) Two (2) years warranty on the ePropulsion motor systems from ePropulsion local service centers.l.
3) Three (3) years warranty on lithium batteries.
4) No warranty on any woodwork.
All warranty services must be performed by the VMTI team at the VMT facility in Boisbriand, QC. Transportation costs to and from the shop are the customer’s responsibility.
No warranty is provided for used boats or for rental/commercial usage. The BUYER must notify the MERCHANT in writing to claim under the warranty.
Exclusions from Warranty
No warranty applies in cases of poor operation, breakdown, or breakage resulting from abnormal environmental conditions, inadequate maintenance, poor treatment, misuse, fire, negligence, accident, or any force majeure event. Any damage caused by maintenance, modifications, or repairs made by unauthorized services is not covered by this warranty. Additionally, the MERCHANT does not guarantee any boat used for commercial purposes, including rental. This warranty does not cover damage to the structure of the boat occurring during transportation by any trailer not sold directly by the MERCHANT.
The warranty becomes null and void if the serial number of the boat is changed or removed.
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